All the ways to increase manhood - truth and myths

measure the penis before enlarging it using the example of a banana

We have collected the most common ways that promise to enhance male dignity and found out if they really work. Our experts helped us with this: from psychologists to the urologists' association.

Ways they work

Massage in red

Among the most popular methods to increase manhood are massage techniques: acupressure and exercises called jelqing. Popularizers of these techniques claim that for several months daily training will help increase male dignity.

"There is not a single scientific study that confirms the healing properties of massage techniques, " says the specialist. "They just improve the blood supply to the penis, which can make it a little bigger. But this is a very temporary phenomenon - a few hours, and the effect will disappear. "

Experts do not recommend the use of such techniques, especially if there is diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis and congenital anomalies of blood vessels. Various complications can occur, including priapism, when the erection does not go away even after ejaculation. This is an acute surgical pathology, which in the future is fraught with a complete loss of organ function.

Beware, weightlifters!

Stretching promises to quickly increase a man's dignity up to 3 cm: there are various weights that attach directly to the penis and special stretching devices.

"They do give an increase. But they can seriously damage, respectively, damage the tunica albuginea of the cavernous bodies, " warns the specialist. erection and pain during intercourse. And these consequences are irreversible.

Hormones out of harmony

There is an opinion that the introduction of testosterone and drugs that stimulate its production will give extra inches.

"It's a myth! The male hormone affects sexual function, not size, " she said. "The so-called testosterone pit (often seen in bodybuilders taking unreasonably large doses of hormones). This is fraught with loss of sexual function, male infertility and problems with many body systems. "

Creams - for several hours

Advertising of penis enlargement creams is all over the internet. They are easy to use and promise fantastic results. This is what gives bribes to men who want to increase the unit to buy.

"These funds are absolutely ineffective: it's the same as buying a cream to enlarge the arm or nose, " says the specialist. - The only thing that can give such a drug is a slightly noticeable increase (up to 1, 5 cm) for 5-6 hours. This is due to the fact that it has a warming and vasodilating effect.

Moreover, some creams can be "chemically contaminated": they contain hormonal supplements and dangerous allergic ingredients. They can cause common irritation and damage to the mucous membranes, up to chemical burns.

The vacuum pump has been tested!

It includes negative pressure therapy. And this is the only safe medicine that can be used at home!

"In combination with heat ointments, the vacuum pump really gives an increase (1-3 cm) and thickening (up to 5 mm) of the penis, as well as improves erection. - But it is important to understand: the effect will be achievedif the patient exercises regularly and lives a full sex life. It is impossible to grow once and for all with the help of a vacuum pump!

And one more important note: you must use it carefully and accurately so as not to damage the vessels and mucosa of the penis. Can be used independently only after consultation with an andrologist.

Knife to help, or surgery

It is guaranteed to increase manhood with the help of surgical methods. The most harmless is frenuloplasty, in which the penis is extended by 1, 5-2 cm A more aggressive method is dissection in the suprapubic region of the ligaments that hold the penis. For thickening (5-10 mm) the placement of special implants is widely used and for lengthening and thickening prostheses can be made.

"But you have to understand that this is forever - it is impossible to turn your size. - Each method has disadvantages, so you have to weigh all the pros and cons. And surgical manipulations should be performed only by a doctorqualified.

Among the contraindications for surgical penis enlargement are general diseases, hormonal disorders, vascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and old age. But before you go into surgery, it is worth visiting a psychologist. Because a man may be okay with size, but due to circumstances (for example, he did not satisfy his partner), a desire to change something suddenly appears. But size does not matter much! The main thing for a man is to study his partner.

The whole problem is in society and nature

The stereotype "The more the better" came from ancient times: in most peoples and cultures, the phallus was considered a symbol of strength and fertility, and the larger it is, the more magnificent it is. Thus, the problem of dissatisfaction with size has a social character.

"Little boys do not care about size. Then there is the first acquaintance with the topic of sex - usually through viewing pornography. The young man connects his size with what he sees - and the first seeds of self-doubt are sown! Then anecdotes are added andstereotypes and man begins to complex ", explains the expert psychologist. And yet: which penis is considered small and which is large? "In an adult erect, less than 12 cm is a small penis. The average size is 12-17 cm, and a penis of 18 cm is already considered very large, " says the specialist and recalls: in psychiatry there is also adiagnosis for those who are not happy with their size - "dysmorphic disorder". (is similar to anorexia).

Generally, before you increase manhood, experiment with sexual techniques. But most importantly, love sincerely and truly. Then satisfaction is guaranteed!